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Why are car bumpers made of plastic?


Question: Auto manufacturers cut corners? It's hard to […]

Question: Auto manufacturers cut corners?

It's hard to say that many people really know that the bumper is plastic, but they don't know why it doesn't use metal materials. Some people may also think badly: This is definitely a car manufacturer to cut corners!

Misunderstanding: the original misunderstanding is the result of this

Many years ago, the front and rear bumpers of the car were mainly made of metal materials, which were usually stamped from steel plates and riveted or welded together with the frame rails. But then there is now a better alternative to this – plastic bumpers. Who is the first brand to introduce a car with this solution? It is Fiat.

In the end, why should bumpers be made of plastic? There are many reasons for this. Let's talk about a few obvious reasons.

Reason 1: Based on pedestrian safety considerations

The reason is very simple, if the same car, driving at the same low speed, the front then hit a pedestrian. Imagine if you were the one who was hit, would you expect the bumper to be metal or plastic?

If you don't want to understand, try to find the relevant metal and soft plastic blunt to beat your head.

Reason 2: Based on practical use considerations

Since the bumper is mostly made of a material with good elasticity, it has good impact resistance. This means that it is easy to solve with small bumps, and even if it is off paint, it is not difficult to paint. This is a coup for "a cheap two to make" - car dealers, everyone Save time and money.

Moreover, it should be noted that if the bumper is made of plastic, the anti-corrosion performance will be better. Otherwise, if the bumper is often rusted, the owner is expected to be bored.

Reason 3: Easy car design and production

Automobile production has been moulded. In addition to the high-strength materials used in the body, many components will be made of materials that are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, easy to process, easy to mold, and easy to repair and replace.

The front and rear bumpers of the car are like this. Some exterior parts of the car, such as fenders, may also be made of lightweight materials such as plastic. Of course, some top sports cars will also use a large amount of carbon fiber material instead of metal materials on the outer body. The purpose is simple: the body is lighter, the brakes are faster and safer, and it is more fuel efficient.

If the whole body parts of the car are made of metal materials, there should be more than one car. If you find a sudden situation on the high speed, you want to brake the brakes in an instant.

to sum up

Now, I can understand why the car bumper is plastic. But don't think it will make the car unsafe. The overall safety of the car, the overall coordination of the particulars, is not the harder the car, the safer the car.