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PC Light Diffusion Plastic

PC Light Diffusion Plastic


1.High light diffusion no glare ,no light optical PC material.

2.Ageing resistant、good flame retardancy、UV linear.

3.Will be,extrusion,injection molding,low dissipation,which is convenient to use.

4.Excellent concealment of the light source without spot.

5.High impact resistance ,excellent dimensional stability.

6.Good LED color reproducibility ,Brightness is 2 times more than traditional lamp shade.


Typical applications:

LED bulb light,LED fluorescent lamp,LED digital tube,LED tunnel light,LED lights,LED to absorb dome light automobile lampshade diffuser,etc.)

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Product Details

Item Unit Condition Standard  PC Light Diffusion Plastic
ML-6085 ML-7085 FR-800
  Mechanical Properties
Tensilestrength MPa 50mm/min ASTM D-638 60 60 60
Breakingelongation % 50mm/min ASTM D-638 125 125 120
Flexural strength MPa 2mm/min ASTM D-790 85 85 85
Flexural modulus MPa 2mm/min ASTM D-790 2400 2400 2300
IZOD Impact strength, notched J/M 3.2mm,23℃ ASTM D-256 900 900 880
 Physical Properties
Density g/cm3   ASTM D-792 1.2 1.2 1.2
 Melt Flow Index g/10min 300℃,1.2kg ASTM D-1238 10 10 10
Mold Shrinkage % 150×100×3.2mm ASTM D-955 0.5-0.7 0.5-0.7 0.5-0.7
Thermol Properties
HDT  1.82MPa ASTM D-648 130 130 128
VICAT 50kg,50℃/h ASTM D-1525 135 135 133
Flmmability Class 1.6mm UL-94 V-2 V-2 V-0
Optical Properties
 Total-Light Transmittance % 1mmt ASTM D-1003 80-92 80-92 80-92

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