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Light Reflex PC

Light Reflex PC


1.Good fluidity and easy moulding

2.High whiteness and high temperature resistance

3.Halogen-free flame retardant

4.Excellent shading and reflection effect

5.Excellent UV Resistance



All kinds of LED lamp reflector cup, BR lamp reflector cup, etc.

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Product Details

Item Unit Condition Standard  PC反光料
6003 FR-6003
 Mechanical Properties
Tensilestrength MPa 50mm/min ASTM D-638 60 60
Breakingelongation % 50mm/min ASTM D-638 120 110
Flexural strength MPa 2mm/min ASTM D-790 90 88
Flexural modulus MPa 2mm/min ASTM D-790 2700 2600
IZOD Impact strength, notched J/M 3.2mm,23℃ ASTM D-256 900 800
Physical Properties
Density g/cm3   ASTM D-792 1.38 1.38
Melt Flow Index g/10min 300℃,1.2kg ASTM D-1238 18-22 20-25
Mold Shrinkage % 150×100×3.2mm ASTM D-955 0.5-0.7 0.5-0.7
Reflective rate % 400um / 90-95 90-95
Thermol Properties
HDT  1.82MPa ASTM D-648 128 128
VICAT 50kg,50℃/h ASTM D-1525 133 133
Flmmability Class 1.6mm UL-94 HB V-0

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