Ningbo Sailing Falai New & New Materials Co., Ltd.


The company now recruits the following positions due to production needs:

[Office staff]

Responsible for collating information files, handling daily tasks arranged by superiors, responsible for some sales orders

Requirements: Locals, aged 25-30 years, female, college degree or above, proficient in operating office software, those who understand the quality system are preferred, salary is negotiable

[1 testing assistant]

Native, 25-35 years old, able to operate testing equipment, daily data collection records, work experience in plastic materials is preferred

[1 electrician]

35-45 years of age, have an electrician's license, can repair screw extruder and injection molding machine, have some research on equipment transformation, salary is negotiable

[2 modified engineers]

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemical engineering such as chemical engineering and technology, fine chemicals, polymer materials.

2. Familiar with PC, ABS, PC / ABS, PC / PBT and other plastics and product structures, able to develop and design independently.

3. Familiar with the curing mechanism of polymer materials, have a deep understanding of polymer rheology, have the ability to design polymer polymer processing technology, the ability to operate polymer extrusion molding equipment, and the ability to analyze and detect polymer plastics.

4. Have strong scientific research and experimental hands-on ability, love research and development work, have experience in research and development of fine chemical industry, polymer material synthesis and compounding is preferred;

5. Good teamwork spirit, rigorous and meticulous work, passion, high sense of professional ethics and confidentiality.

[4 sales specialists]

1. Responsible for the sales of plastic raw materials modified engineering plastics;

2. Complete sales independently, explore new customers and collect and organize industry information;

3. Responsible for accomplishing performance goals, monthly and annual sales reports.

4. Work place: Ningbo Ninth Five-Year International

Work location: No. 68, Pengyuan Road, Cidong Binhai District, Longshan Town, Cixi City (next to the driving school)


Interested parties call: 0574-58960914 / 15824508160 Miss Chen