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PC is a linear carbonated polyester. The carbonic acid […]

PC is a linear carbonated polyester. The carbonic acid groups in the molecule are alternately arranged with other groups. These groups can be aromatic, aliphatic, or both. Bisphenol A PC is the most important industrial product.
PC is an almost colorless glassy amorphous polymer with good optical properties. PC high molecular weight resin has high toughness. The notched Izod impact strength of the cantilever is 600 ~ 900J / m, and the heat distortion temperature of the unfilled grade is about 130 ° C. This value can be increased by 10 ° C after glass fiber reinforcement. The flexural modulus of PC can reach more than 2400MPa, and the resin can be processed into large rigid products. Below 100 ° C, the creep rate under load is very low. PC has poor hydrolysis resistance and cannot be used in products that are repeatedly subjected to high pressure steam.
The main performance defects of PC are insufficient hydrolysis resistance, sensitivity to notches, resistance to organic chemicals, poor scratch resistance, and yellowing after long-term exposure to ultraviolet light. Like other resins, PCs are susceptible to attack by certain organic solvents.
PC material is flame retardant. Antioxidant.
Polycarbonate is colorless and transparent, heat-resistant, impact-resistant, flame-retardant BI grade, and has good mechanical properties at ordinary use temperatures. Compared with performance close to polymethyl methacrylate, polycarbonate has good impact resistance, high refractive index, and good processing performance. It does not require additives to have UL94 V-2 flame retardancy.
Anti-static PC, conductive PC, fiber-reinforced PC, UV-resistant and weather-resistant PC, food-grade PC, and chemical-resistant PC.
Building materials industry
Polycarbonate sheet has good light transmittance, impact resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance and the dimensional stability of its products and good molding processability, which makes it have obvious technical performance advantages over the inorganic glass traditionally used in the construction industry. China has more than 20 polycarbonate building material hollow board production lines, with an annual demand of about 70,000 tons of polycarbonate, and by 2005 it will reach 140,000 tons.
Automotive Manufacturing
Polycarbonate has good impact resistance, thermal distortion resistance, good weather resistance and high hardness, so it is suitable for the production of various parts of cars and light trucks. It is mainly concentrated in lighting systems, instrument panels, heating plates, Defroster and polycarbonate alloy bumpers.
According to data from developed countries, the use of polycarbonate in electronic, electrical, and automobile manufacturing accounts for 40% to 50%, and China's use in this field accounts for only about 10%. Electronic, electrical, and automobile manufacturing is the pillar of China's rapid development Industry, the demand for polycarbonate in these areas will be huge in the future. There are many cars in China and the demand is large, so the application of polycarbonate in this field has great potential for expansion.